Tues 21st July

Another great day of soaring with the Chairman's call for ad-hoc day. The main task was set as NHL-Candover Church - Crewkerne - Chilbolton - NHL for 505kms.

Achievements include: JB completed his Diamond Distance  which makes his 3rd Diamond. The 500km  flight was also completed by Phil Morrison and John Pursey in DD3 and Pete Startup in 230 - was this the first 500k from North Hill in a Standard class glider?.
DD3 after a 500km task (John Pursey)
Eric Alston G29 completed his Diamond Goal O/R to Candover Church and Pete and Jill Harmer OL also completed 300kms in their fastest ever task speed of 100kph.
Passing Salisbury (Phil Morrison)
Andy Davey KCM completed O/R to Salisbury South 218Kms.

Paul Medlock HMS soared for  5 hours to complete his Silver badge.

Alongside this was some local soaring  with Robert Lee in DKU flying the Club100, Steve Westlake in FER, Nick Harrison in JDD, and Gordon Hutchinson in JDP.

Congratulations to all - 47 hours soaring in all, thanks to Mark Courtney for tugging and Nick Jones and Mike Harris for running the launch point. - J&P