Sun 26th July

A few of the regulars turned up early, ever hopeful of flying. By 10:30 the equipment was out and ready and the two-seater booked training flights were taken by Tim Powell with Guy Adams and Matthew Howard with Mike Sloggett. James Flory and daughter Emma then took the Perkoz for training. Training continued while dodging between the showers!
Moody sky (Hans Jenssen)
No-one had particularly long flights, but Dave Perriam and Dan Hender both flew the K21 solo. Ruth Comer managed to get airborne with duty instructor Ian Mitchell after her rained out  booked training yesterday.
Some bright bits (Mike Sloggett)
Then the afternoon booked training slots were completed, for Ollie Butler and Charlie Broderick. Peter Warren also got a couple of two-seater flights with Ian. 

With quite a few other solo flights completed in the Junior (sorry can’t remember everyone, so won’t offend by trying and missing someone out!!). Everything was packed away by 6:30pm for another successful day at North Hill, 32 flights with some limited soaring. - Sally Hender

And in the evening - After a break from Condor for a couple of weeks, tonight’s task was chosen by Geoff Lawrence and planned and hosted by Matt Howard. HHL - CCX - TIE - HHL We were joined by Dave Clements and Stewart Henshall, and last but not least myself John Davis. We took to the sky (some more successful than others) in a NNW wind 13kts. Matt was the first to get to the first turn point at Cadbury Cross, while the rest of us were gaining height in very narrow thermals even Stewart commented on them. Dave got some really good height as did Geoff who turned Tiverton East in second place, Matt who was piling on the pace got fairly low at stages was taken by Geoff but managed to finish second.
John Davis Discus 2a (Condor)
The results are 1st place Geoff in a Discus2 in a time of 31.30 minutes 94kph, Matt finished 40 seconds later but had handicap penalties as he was flying a EB29R so Dave took second in a DuoDiscus  4 minutes after first place. Stewart and John finished 5 minutes apart to complete race. - John Davis