Saturday 28th November

Initially we were only going to aerotow today due to the state of the field but a sheared drive on the Pawnee starter motor put paid to that.
We managed to set up the field with a launch run that avoided the problem areas at the expense of lower launches - there was very little wind to assist either.
Most people managed a couple of training flights and a few solo pilots went round in the Junior.
The rain arrived on schedule at 14:30 and stopped play - how often have we seen that this month.

The glider workshop is coming along nicely -
"The new roof is complete and the workshop is now weathertight. Dry lining is complete as is the new floor. Peter, Ian H, Mike The Chair and Chris H all helped with getting the first mist coat and most of walls second coated, which unfortunately had to be curtailed by lack of paint because someone brought floor paint rather than emulsion. Jammed door locks were sorted with assistance from Mike the Vehicles and the whole area cleaned up. Over to the Sunday crew now to complete the painting.
A volunteer is needed to rub down and paint the pedestrian doors and frames now that the outsides have been clad with galvanised steel (which doesn’t need painting).
The suspended ceiling is programmed for Wednesday and electrics either side of that, with a view to painting the floor next weekend ready for the K21 to go in for COA on the 8th." - Peter the Designer
There is now a crash barrier fitted in front of the LPG tank.
Henry was under pressure doing his bronze exam.
Don't forget the AGM next Saturday - and buy some tickets for Nick's charity raffle!

Wednesday 25th November

This awful weather that we seem to have had for the last month relented a little today. There was no rain, except a brief shower whilst we were having lunch, and the wind was only 25 knots (40 knots at the top of the launch) but near enough straight down the field.
About half of the ridge worked all day, being able to maintain 12-1400 feet in the right places. There was some thermic activity, particularly late morning taking us towards cloud base at 4-6kts. The day ended prematurely due to misting canopies and a low sun.
Three two-seaters, a Junior and Discus were flying, sometimes all in the air at the same time.
An unexpectedly good day, not too rough, just very windy.

Sunday 15th November

A very good day following six days of wind and rain. Today's forecast showers fortunately missed North Hill. A good amount of people on the ground meant everyone flew! The two K21's, the K13 and one Junior were out. Each were flown from 10 until dusk.
The wind was coming from the South West at about 10kts. The south ridge was working at a low height, but nothing special. In the morning Henry, with John, and Jimbob, with Mark, were exploring the weak wave in the valley.
Henry also was doing Bronze flight tests with Ron in the K13, as was Jimbob with Mark.
A few pre-solo pilots were there today being taught various procedures on the ground and in the air! - Jimbob

Sunday 8th November

A boisterous northerly wind limited flying to a single challenging circuit before the toys were put back in the box at lunchtime.

Work on the glider workshop continued with Andrew L’s sterling Saturday effort in removing the old sheeting paving the way for an early Sunday start by the cladding team, led from the front as always by Field Marshall Street. Muggles and William P got stuck into the sheeting work with Peter S. Mike R drove the digger, positioning the front bucket for use as a working platform with mathematical accuracy. All the vertical sheets were cut and fixed, and a clean-up completed by close of play. The finishing trims can now be ordered, and more importantly work inside can continue regardless of weather during the week. Once again, thanks to all helpers.

Saturday 7th November

Late start due to lack of experienced members, but once we got going, wind was straight down the strip and 1700ft winch launches all day. There were some hints of ridge and wave but nothing sustainable. Stuart completed his 3 year Instructor checks. Today's trial lesson Dave enjoyed the launch point ambience and stayed all day. A pleasant early winters day - we managed to miss most of the showers. Jimbob enjoyed 30mins aerobatics with Ian in his Cristian Eagle including a flyby.

The bonfire was lit at 6:00pm and everyone enjoyed the barbecue although it was little wet. Thanks to Graham and Cheryl for the organising.

Thursday 5th November

Slow start due to lack of numbers, but once we reached a 'critical mass' we were off with a K21. At the top of the first launch, the air was so buoyant that there was a radio call for the second K21 to the launch point. Part of the ridge was working at 1300ft with the wind at north westerly 15kts. The thermal of the day - kicked off by the point - was more than 3 knots to 2000ft - not bad for November! Showers started to form but passed either side of the site, and we had lunch in shifts to enable flying to continue. The air was dried out by the Welsh Hills, the wet streets could clearly be seen on the Met Office Invent radar display. Through the afternoon, the wind backed a few degrees and the showers grew more and spread until we had to stop flying - but it was also getting dark. Not a bad day, but where were the Thursday regulars? didn't they believe the forecast?....."Maybe an interesting flyable day." - PH

Wednesday 4th November

Wednesday started with a wet and blustery westerly but we managed a few flights before lunch.

In the afternoon, the weather was much kinder and we flew until dusk, Sandra, a visitor from Brentor visited us again and had two memorable ridge flights. All those who wanted to fly were rewarded by some good conditions.

JS and Alan contacted wave on the last flight of the day and had a pleasant flight of over half an hour only returning to earth when some kind person let the sheep out.

The glider workshop is progressing well. - JS

Sat. 31st Oct & Sun. 1st Nov.

Had a great day on Saturday.
Mike and a pupil in a K21 and Henry in a Junior contacted wave for a brief period, 24 and 27 minutes respectively.
Ed from the Uni Club was allowed solo again, the second time in as many months.
The day was cut short due to canopy misting

A sterling effort by the Saturday crew cleared the contents of the glider workshop ready for the Sunday (heavy) team to launch a vigorous attack on the structure . The ragged brick pier by the door was quickly demolished, cables and fittings removed and the walls cleared ready for the attentions of the dry lining crew. The lights were removed, cleaned and stored safely ready for re-use after the new ceiling is fitted. Down came the old ceiling, together with a vast quantity of other material including a pigeon’s nest complete with eggs. One of our revered instructors was seen offering pigeon egg omelettes, although there were few takers. The offending section of wall to the vehicle workshop was severed in a trice and pent up frustrations released by several upon the innocent brickwork through a substantial sledge hammer. A huge clear up operation followed and by close of play all the material had been disposed of satisfactorily the building swept ready for the builders who are due in the morning.

Huge thanks to all who turned to and put in so much effort to move the job forward and save the club significant cost by so doing.

We all enjoyed it so much we forgot to fly