Food for Saturday 4 December, AGM night

Emma is cooking roast dinners for Saturday evening after flying and before the AGM.

Remember to pre-order your food, so give the club house a ring tomorrow (Wednesday).
There's a choice of Beef or Turkey and two puddings.

Sunday 28th November

A layer of snow blanketed the field, all beautiful until the members turned up. Launching from the south west corner, the wind was chilly but the views magnificent.
With the snow and very few people around, it was an aerotow only day, with 3000 ft aerotows, the views were very much enjoyed.
Rowan was cleared for solo loops in the K13. Matt removed Pete W from the tug to fly some launches. Everyone descended on the kitchen for lunch. After which Emma was flown by Roly. The day had an overall relaxed feel.

Martin W and Joe had an unintentional visit into the rifle range. Diana to the rescue with icy roads and snow covered fields, the glider was swifty skated back up the icy hill to bed.

Thursday 25th November

Well, what a lovely day, far better than expected. It was cold and sunny all day, there was a fresh northerly (which did not help the cold) but it was a lot less strong than forecast.
A happy band of the usual "Thursday Thermallers" turned up to fly, and thermal it did - there was a short period before lunch with proper thermals and cumulus, and what looked like snow showers not far away.
Both K21s and a Junior were busy all day, and again JB grabbed the K13 this time for some Full Cat preparation for Peter F.

Emma is putting on a Carvery after flying, before the AGM, and would to know some idea of numbers to cater for. If you cannot get to the Club between now and then, please phone through your order to the Club.

Wednesday 24th November

Two days after his sixteenth birthday, Will went solo today.
It was a late start, but the rain and murk cleared by around 11 o'clock and launching started just after mid day. The conditions were very gentle with almost no wind and good visibility.
There was a good crowd of club members to fly and both K21's kept going all day by Lisa, Mike F and John St.
JB commandeered the K13, with Will, and concentrated on launch failures - and he was spot on with everything. He went solo at about 3.30 watched by his Mum & Dad, Grandparents and other family members and made a perfect flight with a super smooth landing, to the applause of everyone present and great relief of his Mum! Matt Wright quietly recorded the days events on video so all Will needs now is the tee shirt!

Well done Will. - JB

Sunday 21st November

There was no flying as low cloud kept enthusiasm equally low.
John street washed his caravan and car, it then rained.
BI training has started with a briefing for Matt, Dan, James and Henry.
Emma in the kitchen ran out of chips and tea bags.
Andrew continued with the gorse removal on the South side of the field for a couple of hours.

Saturday 20th November

The morning started bright but things fogged up and stayed that way all day. A few people hung around for lunch but generally drifted home afterwards.

 Pete and Matt, looking for the clubhouse

Matt W still wanted to do some flying, so an experiment was carried out to see if an RC glider could be kited:

A 'foamy' RC glider tied to a length of yaw string.

Things worked well flying in a figure of eight until an accelerated dive into the ground killed it. More experients required!

Thursday 18th November

Yesterday's rain had drained from the field sufficiently to enable aerotows, although there was low cloud and drizzle for the first half of the morning. Once we got started the low cloud was coming and going just out of sync. with the aerotow turnround. Finding odd holes in the clouds, there was zero sink above cloud tops - we just had to be a little cautious with the closing gaps. Only 5 aerotows but at least we all flew in one seat or another.

Wednesday 17th November

The torrential rain and floods stopped a lot of members getting to the club today even for lunch.

Sunday 14th November

After a miserable wet morning the skies started clearing a little just after lunch. Two K21s, the Tug and launch point were put into action on a wet field. Pete W towed, Mark flew with Henry, James flew with Paul and Muggles with Carl.
Roly and Heather helped out on the Launch point. Cloud base was 1500 ft to 2000 ft with some orographic. -HF

Saturday 13th November

Weather was very calm with 55 knot approaches the order of the day. No wind to speak of. High cloud cover from a warm front in the Channel made sure there was no thermal activity. While the rest of the country remained blue.
Heather is progressing well. Gerard took a Junior for his first solo aerotow.
Two EUGC members, Andrew and Emily. Emily made the most of the calm conditions and took an extra aerotow. - HF
In the evening, several members joined family and friends in Torquay to celebate Christine and Godfrey's Golden Wedding Anniversary - a good time was had by all.

Wednesday 10th November

A beautiful blue start with a slightly gusty north easterly, by mid morning the wind changed to light north westerly meaning a change of ends. 5 aerotows and 35 winch launches with plenty of circuit practice, a hint of ridge lift and a multitude of launch failure training flights into the setting sun.

Sunday 7th November

The wind started off north easterly, 10 kts, backing and easing during the afternoon. Cloudbase was low in the morning rising to around 1500ft in the afternoon. Flying from the south west corner. Misting canopies and a completed flying list stopped flying in good time. Nearly 30 flights in total, no extended flights but plenty of circuit practice. Also thanks to John St and Muggles for starting to clear the old DSGC sheep pen. - HF

Saturday 6th November

An early start was swiftly thwarted by low cloud with a restart about 1100am, wind was light north westerly and some dark black streets set up. It was an 'LS benefit day' with Martin (KMV) managing 1hr30, Stuart (KMV), Roy (480) and Eric (194) all achieving soaring flights alongside the whole club fleet with an empty launch point. The 2-seater list was long but everybody flew, and both juniors were in demand all day. Henry and Jimbob have started mutual flying as a workup to them preparing for BI training.

Thursday 4th November

Low cloud greeted the Thursday thermallers, although there were a few short moments of sunshine - it didn't improve enough to fly. The group enjoyed some gliding videos instead.

Wednesday 3rd November

A beautiful bright start, although the first launch approached cloud at 1000ft, it was thought that it would burn off. The second launch reached cloud at 500ft and that was the end of flying for the day.