Thursday thermallings (and wavings) 26th February

That's more like it, our first flyable Thursday since 11th December and only the third since the end of September!

We have been stuck under the influence of an Atlantic anticyclone, off to our south west, for the best bit of two weeks. Fronts have been skirting round the north of it, each one bringing various amounts of moisture through North Hill. Wednesday was one of these days, damp, grey, not very nice at all. Overnight a cold front passed through which cleared the air, but still moist with cloud bases at about 2000', and a moderate, cold westerly wind.

The remnants of the cold front cleared as we set up the field, expecting a reasonable ridge day, however first launch contacted thermals which continued through to midday. The ASH26 and Discus used the cloud streets to venture as far as the motorway to pick up decent wave to allow good trips to Exmoor. Back at the ridge this wave stifled the thermals but did produce a large area of "extended" ridge lift up to 1200' way out into the valley. Then late in the afternoon when everything seemed to be dying two of us latched into gentle smooth lift at 700' just off the end of the airfield, up to the base of the airway. This wave bar lasted for, at most, an hour. With its area of sink coinciding with the ridge and circuit a few up, round and downs ended the glorious day. I am sorry to the few who only got an u, r & d.

In total 7 members shared the one available instructor and K21, 6 flew one or other of the Juniors and 4 private owners flew ASW20, ASH26 and Discus.

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Flying blogs

Last year I tried to keep a blog going for events at the Club on Thursdays.

Could we try to get something similar going for every flying day?

I know that this forum has a very small readership with only 37 members, but more might join once they know that there are regular features.

Just a little story about each day would suffice: what the weather was and conditions on the field, who was there, what the flying was like, who achieved what.

A post by pharmer on the old DSGC forum