Thursday's thermallings 1st May 2008

We were lucky with the weather today, getting much more out of the day than I expected. Through the morning two lines of showers, blown through on a southwesterly wind, were split by the Blackdowns and we stayed dry until about 1300 when rain drove us in for lunch. After refuelling a clearance of an hour and a half allowed a bit more flying and thermalling in front of a developing thunder storm, looking as if it stretched from coast to coast. The sight of flashy things made the decision, and we packed up for the day.
Not that many people on the field but OK for the day: 4 students, 1 solo, 5 instructors, 3 winch drivers and 4 gliders.
We were using the V8 winch with electronic control, and on my sample of 3 launches and practise cable break it worked very well. Launching the Ka6 at 50kts and when I pulled a bit it slowed to 45 - all without any drama. One thing we must watch is that the launch marshaller does not give "All out" until the glider wheel has moved.


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