Sunday 28th February

For those who believed the weather forecast - shame on you, for those who went home early - even more shame.
Wyn and Dylan were late arrivals who managed to squeeze into the queue.
The morning was taken up with Bronze lectures, the few (8) who remained were treated to a fantastic afternoon ridge running in the west north westerly.
James and Henry flew the Juniors with a total time between them of nearly 2 hours, airbraking down when the cold finally bit.
Flying continued until the last landing around 18:10.
Mark had an hour with Les winch training, with Dave W being cleared. -Henry, Mark, James

Wednesday 24th February

About twenty Club members gathered with many friends and family to say goodbye to Gordon - a really nice man.

Sunday 21st February

A pleasant sunny start, and light westerly wind, brought out lots of members (25) to try the 'on-loan' Skylaunch winch. The comment from everyone was "What a lovely launch!". Mid afternoon the wind backed to SSE and produced some very unexpected conditions around high-key point, which in turn gave some interesting circuits and landing areas. It just shows that North Hill can throw up surprises even in apparently benign conditions.
The wind change was the onset of an incoming front with low cloud and drizzle, giving a premature end to play after a busy day of 64 launches.
Jimbob successfully completed his Cross Country Endorsement with a navigation exercise to The Park, with Simon M. in the Falke.

Saturday 20th February

Good day today. A bit slow to get going due to the odd snowflake and very low cloud.
The loaner Skylaunch winch was put to work and gave 38 absolutely faultless launches from the off, even though most of the winch drivers had no experience of it at all - fantastic.
Plenty of training flights today with Jonathan really filling his boots.
It even got soarable for a while in the afternoon, thermals actually being round and quite consistent. Bit of a shame the cloudbase was only about 1400'!
Good times are not far away now!

Wednesday 17th February

The Skylaunch winch that has been loaned to the club until our own winch is complete was delivered today by Pete (the winch) Salisbury. The weather precluded any launches but fingers crossed for Thursday and some instruction from PTW to the winch team who welcomed its arrival. It is mightily impressive and those who have been launched by it tremble in anticipation. It was towed nearly 200miles behind a 4x4 estate car so is clearly much more mobile than we are used to. Startup with cable is not related to any known problem!

Saturday 13th February

Early in the day a cold biting wind straight down the field, about 10 kts
ENE. Cloud base remained high enough for full height launches all day.
The DG505 and one K21 were in constant use.
Later in the day with much less wind than forecast, around 5 kts NNE allowed a red card pilot (Henry) to explore the North ridge solo in the K21 for 10 minutes, so no lift there then :)
Flying continued until sunset.
2 new members, John and Diane, were brought on board. Diane enjoyed a real cable break for her first flight. - HF
26 Winch launches

Message form Australia

John sends his regards from 7000ft above Queensland, (can't see any Kangaroos)

Thursday 11th February

The same cold north easterly airflow but much drier today with very little cloud. Thursday regulars were winching with some thermal soaring. The Instructor training course aerotowed all day. Matt and Mark in JZK DG505 climbed from their 4000ft tow to 8000ft in wave over Culmstock Beacon.
12 winch launches, 10 aerotows, and 1 flight over 1 hour

Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday was very cold with a brisk 15knot NE wind, all the two seaters were out.
The launch point was kept busy all day with all the usual Wednesday crowd, and the Instructor training course.
For the lucky skillful? few some good thermal climbs were made to 3,500ft at mid-day.
Today we received our first delivery of gas in readiness for the new winch. - JSt
25 members had 47 launches (3 were more than 30 mins)

Instructor training week 8-12 Feb

The club is running an Instructor training week for Lisa, Matt and Muggles and Martin, David and Ged from Brentor ably coached by Simon, Mark, JB and Don.
Monday had low cloud and cold brisk North easterly with low cloud base so it was cable break training all day. Todays 21 launches totalled 24 minutes!
Tuesday was much the same with a little higher cloudbase so circuits were the order of the day.
Wed / Thurs see later reports.
Friday had the same cold north easterly with low cloud but aerotowing coaching was needed, so there were a lot of simulated rope breaks and wave-offs. Occasionally the cloud broke downwind of the ridge to allow higher tows. Meanwhile winching continued with launch failure coaching.
Thanks to all the helpers including: Simon, Mark, JB and Don for coaching, Godfrey, Mike, Les, Roly, Heather and Nick for ground ops, Pete for Tugging, H for sustenance.

Saturday 6th February

Low cloud and a waterlogged field meant no flying but much was achieved. Henry reworked and rewired the clubhouse telecoms, whilst Saturday regulars set to cleaning and reorganising the vehicle hangar. A huge improvement, so only the tunnel to go now! Andrew was hard at work on KHA which was gleaming after all the polishing, and due back in service on Wednesday.
Mark, an experienced glider pilot and potential flying member who has moved to the area was made very welcome, and we hope he will apply to join.
Many thanks to all who contributed.
A big thank you also to Robert who has created some daily flying stats on the logging program. So please remember to hit the button and send the email after flying each day so we can include the details in the blog.

Sunday 31st January

Very cold day, gentle westerly wind. Clear blue skies in the morning, meant flying started early. Cloud developed with variable bases, but clearing to 4/8ths to give towing to 4000ft plus. We welcome two new members, the Sunday regulars were there enjoying the fun. Peter the Chair and John St got into some wave above the Keepers Cottage,
Well done to Henry, converting into the B4. He took a winch launch and an aerotow in his new baby.
Everyone flew, right until the sun was too low, which stopped play. 39 winch launches and 6 aerotows.
A great day enjoyed by all. - Jimbob