Monday 28th June

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Sunday 27th June

The high pressure persists, bright, sunny and hot with a gentle southwesterly wind. It was not an easy day to get away from winch launch - but some did. As the sea air encroached from the north a convergence line set up to make soaring little easier during the afternoon. 25 members out to fly, seven flights between 1 and 2 hours and six over two hours. There were 9 private gliders flying.
Otherwise football was the competition (some may have gone on to consider that ill advised in the event...).

Saturday 26th June

A busy and very hot day today. Blue to start with but Cu eventually started to pop but it was always difficult locally to get away from the winch due to sea air although some managed to. Those that opted for an aerotow were rewarded with some good flying both in the thermals that could now be reached and later in the sea air convergences which provided some astonishing climb rates to 5,000' QFE in places!
Rowan flew for over 2 hours in the Junior and was seen smiling a lot!
The x-country efforts were thwarted going East by a huge area of sea air that had come up from the South coast and wiped out everything East of Sturminster Newton.
Pete(230) turned back from there and headed West via Taunton to Mudford Gate then home. Ron and Phil in 711 went West first to Okehampton then East until the sea air forced them back. John B(M5) went to Frome and then returned to play in the convergences, Eric and Kaye(OL) went to Glastonbury to see a bit of the action.
Stu P and Si L took their sons for a trip to the coast in the Falkes followed by Carl T with another keen young flyer.
Lots of training utilising most of the Club fleet and several private gliders were out today.
Thanks to the back seaters for hanging in there in very hot cockpits.

Thursday 24th June

The remnants of an decaying overnight front lingered for most of the morning, with even the odd patch of drizzle. But by lunchtime it was easily soarable to the low cloudbase of 1800'QFE. Then conditions just got better and better through the afternoon with the peak occurring at about five o'clock. This meant that the evening Trial Lesson group from Colyton Scouts got some excellent soaring flights.

Wednesday 23rd June

Clouds started popping in mid and west Devon fairly early, but in the Culm valley and East Devon, the veil of high cloud persisted and delayed the cu development until 1130. However once the sea-breeze had changed the surface wind to southerly, the convergence looked rather ragged and lift was hard to find. Satellite images show a definite break in the convergence line which extended from Bodmin to Salisbury Plain.
Ged and Dave from Brentor completed their 'washed out at Lasham' Ass Cat course with Don. Congratulations to Jeff for solo clearance at North Hill- hope to see the Mosquito out now.
Saab owners club enjoyed another lovely summer evening of trial lessons.

Tuesday 22nd June

An evening session for a large group from the Environment Agency enjoyed a lovely long summers's evening of trial lessons.

Sunday 20th June

A bright start had all the kit out early, set up to take advantage of the forecast light north westerly, instead a fresh NNE blow necessitated a change of ends. Training and checks continued all day, Paul S was to excercise the rights of his cross country endorsement on a planned trip to the Park, but the tricky conditions stopped that before it started.
Another day of high expectations for the cross country crowd - tasks were set -750km for 711 and 500km and 300km for others. The strong NNE and the later than expected start of convection meant that everyone went to fallback quite quickly.
Ron & Peter the Chair (711) went sightseeing round southern Devon and Dorset. Dan (611) aborted the task after O/R Whiddon Down. Simon (SM), Pete (230) and Matt (477) completed their 300km O/R to Chievely. This being Matt's second in as many weeks, however this time he crossed the start line correctly and now has a shiny Diamond - congratulations Matt. Mike (DFK) did O/R to Salisbury. In all 15 private gliders enjoyed the conditions which continued working in the blue locally.

Sight seeing from 711, Totnes and River Dart above and Dorset coast and Chesil Bank below.

Saturday 19th July

The day started blue and full of expectation, but cloud blew in from Wales and turned into a lot of overcast for the morning. There were few people but most managing extended circuits in ragged lift, during the afternoon the sky improved and by 3:30 there was a nice slot which allowed Paul C in Junior, Pete & Jill in K21 and Matt(477) to launch into a good bit. Matt breezed round the 100km Tiverton - Yeovil Res.
Anthony and Laura - members from a few years back- visited en-route church to reception for some wedding photos with the glider that brought them together. Congrats to them both.

Thursday 17th June

The north easterly blast reduced a little and veered a bit to be less of a cross wind, the sky was completely cloudless all day. Initially only enough people to operate one K21, but slowly more members arrived, the second K21 was in use by mid morning and a Junior after lunch. Through the morning the sky was quite turbulent, but no really workable thermals, but in the afternoon good smooth thermals to 3000'QFE were plentiful provided that the first one was blundered into. Big areas of strong sink particularly low down.
We welcome George back to gliding, fresh from Booker 40 years ago.
It was good to see Reg visiting the Club with the President, Reg was one of the Club stalwarts in its early days, gaining the Club's fourth C Certificate, second Silver C and first Gold height. He was the first owner, in 1965, of the Olympia 463 which is still on site. He subsequently moved to fly with the Dorset Club at Tarrant Rushden in his much admired Dart 17R.
Colyton Scouts had a Trial Lesson evening and continued to enjoy the thermals.

Wednesday 16th June

Expectation was high but yet again disappointment from the strong north easterly blast distorting any glimmer of thermals. The low inversion at 2200ft QFE didn't help, but all was not lost - broken thermals gave some extended flights of ~35 minutes. Most people lost interest so we packed up early- evening group had already been cancelled. Welcome to new member Nigel - power pilot from Exeter and aviation writer.

Monday 14th June

A Trial Lesson evening for the LAA (nee PFA) Devon Strut. For the second time this month the evening was thwarted by difficult weather conditions: this time a howling, gusty crosswind! The Group enjoyed a guided tour of the club hangars, and then adjourned to the local pub. Another date has been provisionally fixed for flying. Third time lucky?? WW-F

Guy shows one group of Devon Strut pilots our new Skylaunch winch, whilst others look around the glider hangar and Robin explains the intracacies of an aerotow rope.

Sunday 13th June

Paul S completed his Bronze cross country endorsement to the Park with Simon M.
Paul also sampled the delights of a Bocian at the Park. James flew the DG with and without the tips. Cheryl flew in OL for a jolly with Peter F.
John St flew a Junior, YES you heard correctly! John couldn't get away the first time but after much heckling, a second attempt was successful.

Ron & Phil (711) went to Brentor and back, Phil was let out for a second day running after 3 weeks of new baby duty - Congrats to Phil & Gill on baby Georgia. Mike F had another 3 hours in DFK (8 hours this weekend).
The afternoon saw a random sea breeze front come in. This caused three very spectacular flights:
John Si and Ray in K21, James in the DG505, Henry in the Junior reported a 1700 ft winch launch and a very speedy climb with 6 kts on the averager.

Henry did his trick of staying up until the hangar was packed and the sheep
let out.

Saturday 12th June

Blue with small cumulus most of the day. Thermals few and far between. Cheryl flew the Junior and soared after a break of 10 months.
Peter F flew a trial lesson following some practice engine non-starts in the Duo. Thermic if you could get away, with several flights over 1 hour and Matt(477) and Mike (DFK) 3 and nearly 5 hours respectively. -HF

Course week, part 2

Thursday 10th, after only five flights we had to stop when high winds, low cloud & rain stopped flying, we had our well attended course meal at the Keepers in the evening.
Friday 11th, a very windy start delayed flying until 1100, it soon became very thermic, after lunch the N/E wind died down to 5kts and all the course members had long soaring flights. John S came and gave us a hand in the K13 helping the course along.
Mark L had his first solo soaring flight, and his first Bronze leg of about an hour, and his first solo launch failure. Everyone had a good time dispite the weather, we finished flying at 6pm. - JSt

Course Week 7th - 11th June

Today is Wednesday and the course did not start too well.
Monday saw the start of the summer courses, both Monday and Tuesday we flew between the showers and we got all the launch failurs out of the way.
Wednesday was a much better day sunny and thermic for most of the day, Mark on the course soon re-soloed and Dick B (who has been coming to our courses for over 20 years) also re-soloed.
The course and the Wednesday club worked well together with over 50 launches and the Skylaunch worked well with no problems.
Sad day for John J, as today was the last day he can fly his K6cr due to the high cost of insurance.

Sunday 6th June

Windy with low cloud base in the morning. Remaining windy with slightly higher cloud base at 2600' in the afternoon. The wind veered during the day with the ridge working well allowing climbs using the numerous cloud streets.
The old Supercat winch gave good launches all day.
James was checked out for and soloed the DG-505, Rowan is making progress with his Bronze and Red card checks with plenty of spinning in the K13, Paul S obtained his yellow card and Cheryl re-soloed in the K21.
Mike S enjoyed his 'new' ASW20 with a few hours of flying.

Matt Wright took plenty of awesome video footage and photos from his Cirrus!
An all round great day with the last landing just before 19:00.

Saturday 5th June

There was a lot of thick high cloud and poor visibility below 2000ft. At lunchtime the new Skylaunch started making noises from within, so out came the trusty SupaCat again, to supplement the aerotows. There was 1 trial lesson, and a new member Phil joining us from Pocklington. Stu sampled the pink ASW20.

Friday 4th June

Today saw the second group of Scouts from Ottery St Mary to work for their Aeronautics Badge. Over 20 Scouts and their leaders flew all day, managing 35 flights in total. The weather was perfect if a little hot with a light southerly wind, a weak wave was with us most of the day plus some thermals and a bit of ridge. All the scouts went home with big smiles on their faces. Thanks to John x 2 for instructing and all the helpers on the ground. - JSt

Thursday 3rd June

A very bright start welcome the few who turned up, almost outnumbered by the trial lesson guests. The forecast easterly wind did not materialize and we were plagued with a stiff cross wind from the south all day, it was very turbulent and any broken thermals barely got above launch height. Visibility through the morning was not good, but by the end of the afternoon, and in time for the evening group from Colyton scouts, it had improved to give glorious views of much of Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

Wednesday 2nd June

A fresh north easterly all day, and low cloud until lunchtime restricted flying to circuits. The afternoon got really soarable to 3600'QFE, but the visiblity was not brilliant.

Tuesday 1st June

15 Scouts, and their leaders, from Ottery St Mary visited the Club to learn about gliding and ground handling for their Aeronautics badge. The weather did not co-operate, we sat in drizzle and low cloud all day only to see it clear into a beautiful evening shortly after they left. We did get in the safety talk, some videos and guided tours of the winch and gliders, but the highlight of the day seemed to be the burgers and chips provided by 'H'. We hope to see this group back later on a better day. A second group are visiting on Friday.

Monday 31st May

A good flying day for the 15 members that turned up. All club gliders except the K13, and 1 private glider were flying. Light Easterlies all day, 2 kts. Sky looked good after the top cover thinned, but plenty of sink between climbs.
Joao had the longest flight in the Junior, 83 minutes, this counts as a 30 minute flight towards his Bronze.
A hazy end to the day with cloud base hovering around 2100 ft.
The wind had also changed to westerly ensuring the four gliders hanging on could land to the west, less distance to walk!
John Street flew two of his 436 grandchildren and John Sillet flew his daughter. -HF