Thursday's thermallings

I know that there is not a very big audience for this posting yet, but in time, as this Forum grows, I hope to let the Club know what goes on at North Hill on Thursdays.

The forecast for yesterday was for a cold front clearing over night to give us a bright but cold day in the moderate WNW winds, with possible wintry showers later in the day. This was a great relief after the incessant rains of the last few weeks!

The regular half dozen of so got the vehicles and two K21s out in a light drizzle, but by 1100hrs the clearance had reached the site. Unfortunately we did not have a winch driver, thanks Mike for venturing out of the workshop and leaving the Discovery for a couple of hours.

The wind was not quite as strong as forecast and had too much north in it for the ridge to work well, but the first few circuits were extended to 10-15 minutes. Then the sun started to work, weak thermals at first but very quickly 3-4 knot averages to nearly 3000' above site wete being found.

A few solo pilots turned up just before lunch, with a Junior, a couple of Discii and the Falke joining in the fun. Several people had hour long flights, the Discii over two hours each.

By 1500hrs the thermals were dying, but right up to last launch the ridge was still keeping people airbourne.

Our happy band cleared the airfield in the setting sun, and everyone left the site with grins on their faces.

This is what it is all about, particulrly after the recent run of foul weather.

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Saturday 23rd February Robert Tonks & Curry Evening.

Hi Guys, a charge of £8.00 (cheap at half the price!) has been fixed so as to give 'H' enough and also put some cash into the coffers of the DSGC. Please support this event and then we can organise more, any offers or suggestions as to future events would be gratefully received, thanks - contact me, Roland Clarke, at the Club

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