Saturday 30th January

A light dusting of snow overnight didn't put off the 2 early risers! Bright sunshine and a fresh northerly wind started off the circuits and then just a little bit of heating started kicking off some weak thermals from the ridge, but it was cycling very frequently, longest flight of the day was Roly in the Junior 32mins closely followed by Clive.

Thanks to Andrew and Pete S for their hard work this week getting the Junior FZF inspected.

Thursday 28th January

Late start and early finish due to low cloud and drizzle. Thursday regulars were glad to get in the air again after so many false starts - Circuits and check flights for all.

Wednesday 27th January

The bright start gave hope of a full day's flying, but after morning circuits low cloud at midday stopped play.

Sunday 24th January

Today started nice and sunny and a little less cold than of late with a gentle NW wind.

All the gliders were out of the hanger before 9am, as soon as the canopies had stopped misting up we started flying. Pete S, Roly and Dave R rigged the DG 505, Pete W soon had the tug out and it was kept busy all day.

John Si flew a number of Trial lessons and early members and was kept busy, he is off to Oz soon and was getting as much flying in before he goes!

Stu and Mark found a bit of weak wave in the DG. -JSt

Sunday 17th January

Will and Max got to work early to clear a gap in the snow drift outside the hangar so that we could get the gliders out. The field had dried out amazingly well from the snow melt and Friday night's rain. Having set up the launch point, the orographic cloud started forming low on the ridge but eventually it cleared and flying could get going in earnest. The wind was light north westerly and pleasantly sunny, and for a brief time in the afternoon all the gliders were flying in some ridge/wave lift.

Junior FZF was derigged and put in the workshop for ARC inspection.

Saturday 16th January

Following another large dump of snow and more drifting on Tuesday - Wednesday this week, Mike makes progress on digging out the caravans, - photo William. Unfortunately the snow on the airfield was thawing fast and left it all awash, so no flying.

Thursday 7th January

Heavy snow here Tuesday - Wednesday left massive snow drifts outside the hangar and clubhouse. Thanks to Stu for the photos.

Sunday 3rd January

Spurred on by reports of wave at Brentor we extracted all the gliders from the hanger and decided aero-tows only. As soon as the low cloud had cleared it became obvious we also had wave downwind of the airfield, in the strong easterly.

The two seaters were kept busy by Simon, JB, John S, Andrew, Roly & Lisa. everyone had a wave flight. The wave was working to over 3000ft.

Saturday 2nd January

Happy New Year to all our Readers and 2010 has started with a pleasant winter's day flying. A cold start but the sun helped to melt the ice and the field was dry and firm, with a light westerly wind.

K21 KEK emerged from the new workshop with a fresh ARC, and was immediately checked out with some aeros. Both K21s, the K13, Juniors and Super Falke were kept busy all day. Welcome to new member Max and family.

Joe in JZG might have found a little bit of wave, and Pete took over the reins of CFI having completed his 5 yr refresher checks with JB.

Congratulations to Rowan who successfully completed his first solo.

After flying, Mike Fitz was presented with a lovely glider mounted in acrylic on a wooden plinth to celebrate 50 years instructing with DSGC.