Thursday thermallings 21st August - congratulations

We have had a happy event. One of our Thursday band has gone solo. During last week's course Simon and Mark had applied much pressure, but he did not crack and on a beautiful still Thursday evening Ian Hunt was off by himself, watched by his wife and daughter and the evening trial lesson group that he had organised. Then off to the end of course steak and chips provided by H in the Clubhouse. Not the quietest of solo celebrations!

Whilst chatting over dinner we learnt that Cheryl also soloed during the previous course.

Well done to both, now the real learning starts.

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Thursday thermallings 14th August

Hi all,

At last something to write about for a Thursday!

And at last a day when it was not raining, for a while anyway.

Lovely bright start and gentle south westerly breeze, but a bit short on numbers which meant a slow start. During the day we had a few periods of non activity due to the showers, the heaviest and most prolonged coincided with lunch. There were a few problems with the winch, but ably sorted, yet again, by Mike. It was soarable and I believe that everyone who wanted to had a decent flight. A good job that there were not many people, as we did only just fly everyone and used all the available day. Two K21s, DG505, Junior and one Discus were active.

The highlight of the day, for me, was giving an air-ex to a gentleman for his 90th birthday. His last flight in a glider had been 64 years ago in a Horsa during the airborne attack on Arnham in Operation Market Garden, brought to the cinema screens in "A Bridge Too Far". Once in the air and climbing away he was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Devonshire countryside, the rain showers and rainbows. He started to remember the views he had out of the Horsa windows as he was towed across Holland all those years ago. His supporting group of family and friends were entertained by those on the ground, and all left with many thanks and nothing but a good impression of the Club. The press were also present and the event will be covered in Friday's Express and Echo.


A post by pharmer on the old DSGC forum