The latest EASA nightmare

The BGA have just drafted it's response to the latest EASA consultation document about it's proposals for pilot licensing.
This totally overbearing,sleep inducing document is hard work to read,even the BGAs clipped version,and compiling a response to it,even harder.
However,for the future of gliding it is vital that we all make a response in our own words and let them know of our concerns.The BGA response will provide guidelines to help with this.
This document is not only concerned with pilot licensing,but also medical requirements,training and endorsments for various other aspects of gliding.
The Devil is in the detail,so please take your time to read and respond - it has to be done by the 15th December.
EASA have just published the revised document re:registration and maintenance,and gliding has regained a lot of the priveleges that we were to lose under EASA regulation,so responding appropriately does work.

More details are on the BGA website.

A post by pete s on the old DSGC forum

I think that judging from the lack of replies of any sort to my post,and chatting to people around the Club,that most of you do not realise the implications of the latest EASA NPA(you should - the BGA have given enough notice and GPN is full of discussion on this topic), don't care(pretty bad),or are leaving it to somebody else to respond to the NPA(even worse).

The NPA covers many items which cause serious concern to gliding,although many of them we can live with even though they will be a headache and will require money to be thrown at them.

However,there is one item in there which if allowed to pass unchallenged will mean the end of soaring,and especially cross country soaring as we know it.

The priveleges that we have enjoyed with respect to cloud flying have been removed.Now,you may think that "I don't cloud fly ayway so it won't affect me"

WRONG - the removal of this means that gliders will only be allowed to operate in VMC - that is 1.5km clear of of cloud horizontally and 1,000' vertically above 3,000'QNH and in a flight visiblity of 5km.

So you won't be able to fly from thermal to thermal,follow a cloud street or climb in front of a wave bar.

Please respond to the NPA,by e-mail if nothing else,to to register your protest against this piece of european legislation - you have until the 15th December to do it.

Plenty of additional info on the BGA website including their responses and notes for guidance to compiling your own rsponse.

Aren't you glad we joined Europe

A reply by pete s on the old DSGC forum