Thursday's thermallings - 27th March 2008

:) That's what it all about. The cold front cleared thru' last night and a transient ridge was enough to control the instability. The wind started as a fresh northerly and backed to the west as the ridge passed thru'. The incoming warm front just started to cover the sun as we closed the hangar doors at about 1730.

First launch at 0945 straight into 4 knots to 1800 QFE cloudbase, which rapidly rose to 2500 QFE within an hour, and reaching 3400 QFE by mid afternoon. Last landing at 1710 having left gentle thermals to 2000 QFE off the ridge. Seven and a half hours of thermal soarability, but with a few 'difficult to get away' periods mid morning

Task for the day (150 km Dorchester - Tiverton) was completed by 611, 477 and AM. Matt hung around locally after finishing to achieve his 5 hours and completing his Silver. Dave overshot Tiverton, went on to South Molton and some soaring over Exmoor. Pete Startup is posting the first time for the Devon and Somerset Dash at 75kph.

Most training flights were over an hour. Peter added to his morning's winch instruction with a two and a half hour advanced soaring instruction after lunch. Sorry to some pilots who failed to catch their thermals. :(

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Social night + supper!! - Sat 5th April. Book Now!!!

Saturday 5th April is now booked for a fun social evening at the club!!

It's going to be a Grand Beetle Drive and 'H' is booked to do Lasagne, Chips and Salad. (veggie / other meals on request - just let H know..)

If you haven't been to a beetle drive before - why not come and find out what happens! It really is a good laugh (for any age!) and can get rather competitive (in the nicest way of course...) With a prize for the winning team.... The only skill you'll need is to hold a dice and a pencil! (hopefully not too taxing eh?)

There will also be a raffle on the night (donations of prizes very welcome) and profits for the evening are going to the Ian Beckett fund.

Cost = £8.00 adults, £5.00 under 14's.
Food at 6.30pm, Beetles at 7.30pm.

There is a list for names on the door opposite the main notice board (not enough room on the board!) Or reply (or e-mail me) through here and I can put your name up for you. (need to know numbers for H - or you may go hungry!)

Do come and have a fun evening and help support a great cause for the club.
Hope to see you there.... Cheryl.

***No beetles have been harmed during the writing of this message!!***

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Thursday's thermallings, 6th March

This should be "Thursday's ridgings", but it does not sound correct.

Total cloud cover at, maybe 2000' QFE, cold and a stiff westerly breeze, somebody's GPS said 30kts at flying height but I'm not too sure of that, probably nearer 20kts. 4 trainees, three solo pilots and five instructors.

Good ridge training day, aided by the occasional thermal and almost complete collapse of the ridge working. However everyone had an enjoyable ridge soar, 230 and 477 had two hours apiece only brought down by drizzle at flying heights and H's lunch.

After lunch the wind had dropped and backed a little, the cloud darkened and lowered, so slow decents on the ridge were the norm until the drizzle stopped play.

Another good Thursday for the few who turned up.

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Social events - Bit of fun!!!

Hi guys,
Thought it might be nice to have a few more social events and am quite happy to try and organise a few things if people are interested.

Maybe a quiz night? (NO aviation related questions - so a bit fairer ha ha!!!) or even a Beetle drive or mad Bingo (just ask!)
Something that everybody can join in with and just have a fun night.

Also..... When the weather gets a bit warmer (hopefully) with lighter evenings - I'm prepared to bring my archery equipment up and offer to do 'have a go' evenings (I have training equipment as I teach a bit during the year!) If people are interested - and somebody volunteers to stand with an apple on their head for the demonstration!!!

Have spoken to 'H' and she can do food for us if we 'book' her in advance and let her know an idea on numbers.....

What do you think? and does anyone have any other ideas for evening events? let me know.....


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