Sunday 29th January

With a poor weather forecast, not many members turned up, it was flyable in the morning and a few circuits were flown, Paul S practiced his back-seat flying. Guy & Simon M managed some circuits & bumps in the Falke. - JSt

Saturday 28th January

The good sunny forecast brought out people in droves for one of the longest flying lists for January that we have seen. - And we weren't disappointed as the north easterly wind (although quite chilly) produced some nice wave mainly reachable from aerotow. There were 5 flights over half an hour and Mark C and Liam braved the cold for a flight over an hour reaching just over 5000ft. We also spotted a visitor in DG808 from Dunkeswell, overhead North Hill, reaching greater heights.

The wave faded in the afternoon, but a Junior flight just before last landing managed 1 hour but only to 3000 ft just south of the field.

Thursday 26th January

Cold front cleared through overnight leaving us in a cold blustery airstream. It was aerotow only due to the wet field. The tows (particularly going over the ridge) were exciting, the stop for lunch coincided with the only shower to fall on the field until the vigorous trough came through at the end of the afternoon. There were numerous flights of about half an hour, the longest going to Liam and Paul C at 41 minutes. VG soared for over an hour. Lisa kept warm in the back seat.

Monday 23rd January

Back safe from Lasham after a great day, coffee at Henstridge on the way home but cafe was shut so no bacon sandwich, good news Simon now has all his ratings and more!! bad news I had to let him fly home, still lots of time for photos and 20 mins after we landed you could not see the end of the field!!! very nearly a night out. - Stu

Sunday 22nd January

No one flew Saturday as the forecast clearance didn't happen...
Sunday, a late start with rain in the morning. Blue card, with gusty conditions. Winds 15 knots, WNW the ridge was working well. Later in the day, the winds calmed but more from the north.
Four students from EUGC flew a few times, some of them having their first flights in interesting conditions. Rowan continues with his B.I. training. The Supacat winch was in use as Andrew was giving the Skylaunch its annual. -HF

Thursday 19th January

We were expecting the low cloud and rain for the morning but the predicted clearance to nice weather was too late to be usable. Pete briefed the Thursday regulars on airmasses, fronts, tephigrams and RASP. A new wind sock has arrived to replace the windswept one on the north-west corner of the airfield. Andrew completed a long awaited plumbing job in the Gents.

Wednesday 18th January

No flying today because of the weather, but the K21 trailer received a wash and brushup and a general service -thanks to the 'Wednesday Gentlemen'.

Saturday 14th January

Earlier in the week forecasts for Saturday showed a clear breezy day, last
night they changed to show a cloudy day... which it was, there were hints of
wave all day with a few thermals popping off around 1400-1500, Eddie made
use of this with a 30 minute flight in the Junior.

Fred was signed off for yellow card. Several University members braved the
cold and the friendly local buzzard made an appearance.

The wind sock at the West end was repaired by Henry and Phil G and a new
white board for problem reporting and solving has been put up in the hangar.

At the end of flying Tom had arranged for members to view a gliding safety webinar taking place live from Ridge Soaring in America. This was the first of a series of webinars - future dates will be publiicised. - Henry

Thursday 12th January

Unexpected low cloud and drizzle caused a slight change of plan.... Lectures consisted of safe launching, aerotows, landing in the rifle range and more general field landings. Stuart and Simon M managed to sit it out long enough for a clearance to get airborne in VG.
"Well after a frustrating few cups of tea Simon and myself got VG out and had a great time,the first time Simon has flown her for 15 months - he was not bad for a regional examiner." - Stu

Wednesday 11th January

A spring-like sunny start brought out a record number of hopefuls, the first couple of flights launched into a cloudless blue sky, then suddenly low cloud moved in, so for the next couple of hours it was launch failure practice.

About 12.30pm the cloud started to clear and full height launches were possible, soon all the gliders were flying plus Tim and Joe in the ASW19. There were wave clouds in the sky which probably accounted for the ridge not working properly as it was out of phase. Longest flights were 13 minutes.

Well done to Steve S ex-CFI from Kinloss who re-soloed after a long break and to Dave T who managed his first solo. Peter F was trying to do his first A/T as Tuggie but didn't find any takers, he decided instead to try and plough up the field with a Landrover! (didn't he used to run London Transport)? stick to flying Pete! - JSt.

Sunday 8th January

Flying started with bright skies in the morning, but with a warm front on the horizon the cloud started lowering. Just after lunch, a launch to cloud base at 300 ft called the end to flying.

Even the free flying soaring community couldn't be bothered...
...not just Simon, look closer!

Saturday 7th January

An early bright start with many members on the flying list to take advantage of the north westerly wind blowing on the ridge. For once, it was very pleasant without an icy blast in the sunshine. Several private gliders were rigged, and there were a few aerotows. Most flights were over half an hour, longest flight of the day goes to Wyn in the LS7 480. Our trainee BI's continued their patter practice.

Thursday 5th January

After more overnight rain, the field was too wet again, and there was a howling gusty north westerly. Will B successfully completed his Bronze exam, and the Christmas deccies were put away for another year.

Wednesday 4th January

After an inspection of the of the very wet field by Mike Fitz & JSt, it was decided we could operate the winch with care and by keeping the Land Rovers off the field as much as possible.
There was a good turnout considering the weather and soon all three two-seaters were on the ridge in the strong N/W wind, an early lunch due to light rain.
After lunch, Matt and Clive practiced their back seat flying in prep for their B I courses, Tim and Jonathan rigged their ASW19 before the increasing wind and low cloud forced us to stop flying.
KEK is now back from Annual Inspection thanks to Ian and all those who helped.With a full hangar, we marked out the floor so as to accomodate the K6 HEB, it fits snugly in the top r/h corner of the hangar and takes up very little room. Will all hangar packers get familiar with the new arrangements please. -JSt.

Monday 2nd January

Happy New Year - The early birds were greeted with nice sunshine - and then it snowed.
The showers were quite big, but kept passing through quickly.
The field was judged to be too wet for winching so CFI Pete was kept busy all day in the Tug. We tried to use areas that were not too wet and muddy to avoid cutting up the field.
The first launch found some wave at 2000ft, 2 miles out and the next few launches followed suit - but the storms kept chasing the gliders out of the sky. But it was a very nice day considering the recent weather.