Thursday 21st February

Great, the first flyable Thursday for four weeks! Pity there were not more people to enjoy it.

There was just five of us to start with, Ian H, Ian Y, Terry, myself and thankfully Godfrey to get us into the air. Before first launch Woolie (minus a couple of teeth), Pete S and Francis arrived to help on the ground.

Broken cloud at 1500' and a 15 knot westerly should have had the ridge working, but something was mucking it up - there was signs of wave about. Flights of 10-15 were the norm, very good for the training we were doing.

Ian H got in a couple of cable break practices, Terry had a good day and Pete got his Blue Card renewed.

After lunch the cloud thickened up and cloudbase dropped to 800', and the ridge started working higher than 800'. As it started to drizzle at flying height we packed up. Everyone left happy

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