Sat 25th April

Our second attempt to run an online race via Condor, saw Dan Hender and John Davis complete the small task of NHL--TIV-WEG-NHL. This time we had Discord set up and were discussing tactics during the task. Not completely free of technical issues, as John and Dan couldn't find out how to share their screens. 

John landed back

Chief Cheerleaders Sally and Rob Hender saved the day and set up a video chat stream and messaged it to Jill and Pete who also offered some support and tactics.

Geoff Lawrence had a little problem connecting to the DSGC Condor server, and Robert Lee was keeping very quiet having completed a solo 300kms O/R to Salisbury the previous day. 

So more to learn about the techie stuff and we'd love some more members to take part -  Join the WhatApp group DSGC Condor Racing to keep up to date (email Jill for the link). - J&P

Fri 17th April

At 6pm on Friday,  Club members Dan Hender, Stewart Henshall, Matt Howard and Charlie Broderick launched into the Condor soaring simulator skies for a short task NHL - Tiverton - Wellington - NHL.
On task (Matt's stream)

 The proof of concept event ran smoothly with  only a few, small technical difficulties and was enjoyed by all that took part. 

All the pilots completed the race within the given time despite one of their gliders flying almost across the whole of Devon in the wrong direction whilst he had to go off for tea! 

Matt streamed the event live to viewers from the Club and other people who were interested. A short clip is available on Matt's stream

In my opinion, the first virtual DSGC race went very well and hopefully we can inspire more Club members to join in next time. - Charlie Broderick