Thursday thermallings - 24th April

Hi all, I'm back after a short time away. This Thursday was very quiet. The front came through about five in the morning instead of mid-day, but it took a long time for the showers behind it to clear, the last downpour was over lunch.

However, we could not do a lot as our ever reliable winch driver, Godfrey, was unable to make it. So an otherwise flyable day was lost due to a lack of launch facility. But the four fliers left took to the air in the Falkes, VG took Francis and H along the south coast and SC did a navex to Yeovil and back with myself and Ian H.

We really do need some help from the more qualified Club members to help Thursdays along, particularly winch drivers. Relying on one does not leave a lot to spare, and does not allow him to fly.

A post by pharmer on the old DSGC forum