Saturday 29th November

The forecast was for a little mist early on to clear......but the light southeasterly wind at North Hill had other ideas.
The kit was readied and walked up the field in quite thick fog, and then everyone returned to the Clubhouse to wait and hope for a clearance. 
Ever hopeful
The annoying orographic cloud did lift somewhat after lunch, but not very high and the canopies kept misting, so even short hops were not possible. 
The kit was walked back and put away ...... and then the low cloud disappeared. 

Both Falkes then took advantage of the sunny weather (and the cabin heat to keep the canopies clear) for local sorties but with fog rolling up the valley......
A short window of opportunity
........the trips were quite short, and we had a visit from the Christen Eagle from Dunks. 
Christen Eagle

Thursday 27th November

After 7 weeks of grotty Thursdays, the regulars were up early as the airfield was in sunshine, it was a bit chilly and the humidity was high with fog still thick at lower levels. The Junior was taken out of the hangar to DI, and instantly the canopy and airframe was covered in condensation. 

100% humidity
Not to be deterred, a Junior and K21 was walked up to the west end of the airfield and by then the sun had got going with some warmth, and the wind was blowing to help the drying process. 
 By the time we were ready to fly some advected fog had started to blow across the airfield, so a weathercheck for cloudbase was surprisingly able to get full height. But it didn't get much better and the cloud started forming in patches at 800ft, and the sun disappeared completely making it quite chilly again. 
After 6 launches Pete called for an early lunch, by which time it was clear that the forecast was not quite going to plan as there was a load of rainfall showing on the radar rainfall approaching from the south east. 

So only half the Thursday regulars got to fly, with Dave taking the honours - 8 minutes. Let's hope for better next week.

Sunday 23rd November

The weather forecast suggested some potential for flying during the day yet it was still very quiet at the Club.

As the morning progressed slowly but surely the forecast weather clearance started to appear in the distant West as did more members - and gradually an increasing sense of optimism about flying saw the hangar doors opened and Daily Inspections of gliders being undertaken.
Waiting for the sun
With the launch point set up in the South East corner of the field flying started shortly after 11:00am - the Northerly wind with an element of East providing the opportunity for pilots to demonstrate their skills at both taking off and landing with a slight tailwind evident from time to time.
By lunchtime good progress had been made with the flying list, but with only a few members to keep the launches going a decision was made to stop for lunch - with members suitably refreshed, flying soon started again and with the sun doing it's best to shine through the cloud the afternoon saw steadily improving weather ensuring that all who wanted to fly were able to do so.

The wind direction did not make for particularly high launches and that Liam achieved the longest flight of the day in a Junior at 8 minutes, with the shortest two-seater circuits being several of 3 minutes, tells it's own story about the lack of any help to pilots wishing to stay up longer in the pleasant autumn sky.
Simon and Louis enjoyed a trip to the South coast
During the day James continued his training in the Falke which was also taken by Simon L and Louis, and then Mark C and Paul S, for some scenic flights around North Hill.
Nick enjoys his birthday flight
Nick celebrated his Birthday by flying in the K13 (CCY), commenting afterwards that he might well like to fly in the K13 again rather than the DG505...
A beautiful sunny sky to end the day
By the end of the afternoon a total of 25 flights (17 dual, 8 solo) had been completed.
As someone often says "If you are not at the Club then you will not fly..." -Mike Sl

Saturday 22nd November

Despite the dense early morning Beech tree obscuring fog, that looked like it was set for the day, a few intrepid members arrived at the club. To the surprise of everyone, the fog lifted rapidly late morning and a K21, K13 and club junior were put on line in the SE corner. Martin W. Simon L and Ian M flew with those that wanted while solo pilots took the Junior. Nothing spectacular, mainly circuits but everyone who wanted had a flight, including Oscar L who took advantage of the light winds to take another solo in the K21.
Lisa, Tom, Pete and Jill attended the BGA Management Conference at Warwick University, discussing with other Clubs various useful topics.
Doing our bit at BGA Conference
Jill gave a well-received presentation on the success of our recruitment from Trial lessons this year.

Thursday 20th November

The forecast had been optimistic for a clearance, but as the day wore on with intermittent glimpses of the sun, the low cloud and high humidity persisted. 
There was an opportunity to sweep the hangar and then clear out the gully in front of the hangar. 
The team get stuck in

Whilst we were waiting for an improvement in the cloudbase, Martin ran through the DI presentation. 
But in the end we had to put all the kit away again without flying. - Such a bad run of Thursday weather....

Wednesday 19th November

An adverse weather forecast resulted in not many members turning up, but by 9.30am, we had enough people for one K21, the wind was a rough southeasterly and a blue card.
We managed to fly everyone who wanted to brave the weather and we managed to get the kit away before the forecast rain arrived.
Work on the Pawnee is progressing well and William & Mike were fettling the Falke. - JSt

Saturday 15th November

A slow start to the day waiting for the weather to play ball but everyone who came had plenty of flights. Although no soaring today there were good opportunities for circuit practice. 
Again despite the weather there is no better place to be on a Saturday! VG also came out for an airing. 
DSGC clothing shop was open today and new members took advantage to prepare for the winter weather, maybe we should start selling DSGC onesies! 
Thanks to Peter Sm and new member Allan for preparing the K21 trailer for the trip taking HCX for her annual and new canopy to be fitted! - Lisa 

In the evening, about 50 members gathered for a fascinating talk by Chris C on the fact / fiction of the Bermuda Triangle, followed by a lovely dining-in evening provided by Cheryl and Graham.

Friday 14th November

Congratulations to James, who flew his first SLMG solo flight at Dunkeswell today.
Well done James
Pawnee Update
Tailplane AD work completed as far as I can go until the new mountings are welded in place which is planned for this coming Wednesday, I have enclosed a picture of the upgraded stabiliser mounting tubes showing the dramatic increase in tube wall thickness. - Ian M
Old and new tubes
Pete & Jill returned from a rendezvous in Wincanton with the 'bare bones' for the start of the simulator project, - they were kindly offered the K2b glider that they last owned 14 years ago.
DSGC Simulator cockpit - to be

Thursday 13th November

Not just wet under foot today, but horizontal rain, and south easterly gales (apart from round the Clubhouse and workshop area where it was very sheltered). Thanks to all the gang for cleaning and polishing HCX ready for its trip to get a replacement front canopy.

Wednesday 12th November

The few members who turned up on Wednesday found the weather flyable in the morning but the field, particularly around the NE launchpoint was too wet.

So after much drinking of coffee and gossiping HCX was de-rigged and put in the workshop before early lunches were taken. Thanks to the helpers - we had just enough to do the job. - John Si

Sunday 9th November

"A nice pleasant day in the autumn sunshine..."

With the poor weather on the last two Club days preventing any flying, a number of members, including EUGC students, turned up optimistic of the good forecast being confirmed by suitable good flying weather - as indeed it was.

With the launch point vehicle and the winch already set up in the North East corner of the field and ready to go by 9:00am, both K21s and a Junior were soon on line. After a slight delay due to a flat main wheel on the DG505, by mid-morning, both the DG505 and a K13 were also on line, followed soon after by the second Junior.

With everyone working well as a team  to help each other launch in to the bright crisp autumn sky, the clear highlight of the morning was a first solo by Oscar in KEK, at the age of 14 years and 2 months, watched by proud Dad Simon and brother Louis. Two more solos later and it was hard to see whether Oscar or Simon had the biggest smile! 
Congratulations to Oscar
With everyone keen to get in to the air, and with Tim and Matt as DLMs doing well to keep the flying going through lunch, by the end of the day a total of 61 flights (39 Dual, 22 solo) by 26 members, had been completed before misting canopies and a rapidly sinking sun in late afternoon brought the day's fun to an end.

John S (B4 CVV) and Andrew L (K6CR GDE) rigged their gliders for an airing.
Mike and Barbie kindly flew in with their Cub to complete some aerotows with the Juniors and private single-seaters.

Simon M and Stu took the Super Falke (VG) to Compton Abbas and landed for refreshments before their return flight to North Hill, then Guy and later Dave C and Carl went off for some local flying. Meanwhile Ian M and James used Compton Abbas as a turn point for James' latest navex task in the Rotax Falke.
A good day all round for lots of reasons... Mike Sl.

Wednesday 5th November

With a poor forecast for Thursday, today started with a huge flying list, the wind was due to be North but there was quite a bit of East in it so we set up in the S/W corner.
Waiting to launch under a thermic sky
John Sil, Pete W and JSt were instructing, we managed to keep flying through the lunch break, both the Juniors were kept flying all day and all the Junior pilots flew, we managed to get through the two-seater list -just! Before the canopies started to mist up.
The Cub was flown in to do some single-seat aerotows covering for the Pawnee that is on maintenance.
There was thermal activity on and off, but the thermals didn't last long, but what thermals there were were much appreciated. - JSt.
R151 dragging a Junior into the air

Sunday 2nd November

A misty morning early, but it soon cleared to give a bright blue sky with a fresh southwesterly wind. The good weather brought lots of members out with long flying lists for both dual instruction and solo.
The thermals built up and by late morning everyone started soaring well to nearly 3000ft Roly in the Junior and James in DG505 both managed 45 minutes. The street started to precipitate at lunchtime so the the Clubhouse was full. Flying continued all afternoon til dusk. 
VG returns after test flight

VG completed a test flight following some work done on the cylinder heads of the engine. All was ok and VG is now back flying again. Another nice day after such a dodgy October.

Saturday 1st November

A cold front overnight cleared a load of low cloud and drizzle and left beautiful clear air over North Hill and the members turned out in force. The flying list was rather long by 09:00 but Mark set to work straightaway, although the south westerly wind started picking up making the approaches increasingly challenging. It became quite soarable with the usual Broadhembury valley lift. 

Thanks to Andrew L and Tim P for sorting out the main wheel and wheelbrake of HCX. Thanks to Stu, Peter Sm and Pete H for instructing in the afternoon. 
We also welcomed George from Cambridge Gliding Club, who is planning to move to Devon soon, he enjoyed the beautiful clear views of the Exe estuary today.

Congratulations to Matthew W who took the SF27 to Mendip and flew for 5 hours on their ridge and in wave to 4000ft completing his Silver badge.
Henry in JD7 also flew at Mendip reaching 2800ft in wave