Wednesday 15th December

Contrary to the forecast north-westerly wind we set up on the north-east run on a bright but cold day. There were wave clouds dotted all over the sky - the intrepid CFI took a high tow to look for the wave, but to no avail. Circuits all day and the canopy misting held off until the orange sun dropped behind the Dartmoor horizon. John St inflicted launch failure practice on several training flights.

Sunday 13th December

A lovely bright start with a fresh north easterly contributing to the wind chill, Ron went looking for the wave and found the sink - making a dirty dash back. Everybody enjoyed bumpy sinky circuits until misted canopies called it a day. KEK was derigged ready for its annual this week.

Saturday 11 December

The hopeful tried to fly but after a few attempts low cloud won the day.

Thursday 9th December

Thursday dawned bright, but cold with a hint of west in the light northerly wind, which later backed to give a decent breeze down the strip. Plenty of circuits. About midday cloud started to appear and to show gaps across the wind. Ron took a high tow and started to climb slowly in the wave, Pete H took the next tow only to meet Ron coming down through the closing gap, and that was that. By the end of the day it had warmed up enough to melt most of the lying snow.

Sunday 5th December

A blue day with a strong turnout. After defrosting the winch fuel system there were plenty of launches. The aerotow was also in demand with tows to 3000 ft to checkout the mist in the Exe valley.
Simon M flew with Stu for some Full cat coaching and Rowan for further looping and advanced handling excercising in the K13.

Wyn was sent on his first solo, Dylan and Will continued to consolidate their recent solos.

Saturday 4th December

The remnants of snow, low cloud and lack of people meant no flying today, but members started gathering in the afternoon ready for Emma's Carvery followed by the AGM. About 30 members enjoyed Emma's first club dinner, the AGM started on time with more than 60 attending. The usual AGM business was covered along with active discussions on Exeter University subscription fees, and slight revisions to the Constitution. There were congratulations to all who had gained personal achievements (most of which have been reported on this blog)and the trophies for 2010 were awarded to Matt *3, Henry, Rowan, Simon M, Nick H, Pete & Jill.