Sun 19th July

There were a few hopeful faces at the club, first thing. With both Guy Adams and Mike Sloggett ready for their booked two-seater training students. RASP was checked numerous times by a number of pilots, ever optimistic! Whilst waiting  for the frontal cloud to clear, Dan Hender was taught the art of water divining by Guy, which he had never heard of, but seemed to get the hang of very quickly!!
Water divining (Sally Hender)
New grass is green  at North Hill (Mike Sloggett)
Gliders were got out up to the west end after lunch (which was fortunate as the DLM didn’t turn up, you know who you are!) After a delay due to a bow in the cables, which would have resulted in the cables crossing (good spot Dan Hender) the first launch was taken at about 1pm by Mike Sloggett and Dave Perriam. After having his checks flights, Dave then went solo in HCX. Meanwhile, Jonathan Erskine was back in the air, under the guidance of Guy Adams.

Roly Clarke (DLM pm but managed to get in the air!) and Peter Warren took their turns in the Junior, Peter outflying Roly considerably!

Guy and Mike then flew with Nick Redfern and Adam Niemcyzk respectively. Dan had a couple of flights in the Junior. Charlie and Andrew Broderick managed to squeeze in a couple of flights, and a good day was had by all!!! Thanks to everyone for a successful day x - Sally Hender