Thurs 30th July

The sky was a vivid blue from the start with the wind south south easterly, and the launchpoint was set up in the north west corner. 
Vivid blue sky (Jill Harmer)

Mike Sloggett was flying the booked 2-seater training with first Reuben Buss who resoloed and then Toby Butler.
Reuben Buss back from Durham (Mike Sloggett)

Meanwhile Pete Harmer was putting Ashley Thomas  through final checks before his First Solo.
Congratulations Ashley Thomas - first solo (Mike Sloggett)

Longest flights of the day were from aerotows with Chris Wool and Wyn Davies in Perkoz  who patiently soared the South ridge (45 mins) and George Sanderson in Pegase  (28 mins) who found a little weak wave. 
North Hill in the sunshine (Mike Horwood)

37 flights in all with most only 4-5 mins, thanks everyone. - J&P