Tues 9th October - Denbigh

With a dire forecast for Portmoak for the rest of the week, some of the party had already set off for home, whilst others had negotatiated to arrive at Denbigh early. The plan worked out quite well with those at Denbigh battling through a washing machine to get to 19,200ft. 

Yesterday was an epic day at Denbigh all 10 or so aircraft that launched took wave climbs over the Conway valley  wave machine to 19,000 plus feet.  Congratulations to Rowan who bagged his diamond height. 
Congratulations to Rowan - Diamond Height (Rowan Smith)
Snowdonia was blanketed in cloud but every where else was in the blue  and the visibility was outstanding. 
Outstanding visibility (JB)

Quick returns to the Conway valley hotspot got you back up to the ceiling and off you went to somewhere else.
Great Orme Head  from DD3 (Phil Morrison)
 Rodney reckoned it was the best conditions he had ever had.

I don’t think today will be as good, too much south in the wind but you never know! - Nick Jones