Sunday 9th July

After the excitement of Competition Enterprise it was a quiet day at the Club today.

Whilst the wind was from the South West it was light in strength so  the launch point was set up in the South East corner of the field in anticipation of the wind direction moving to the North West later in the day.

K21 (KEK), both Juniors and the K13 were taken out of the hangar and with the departure of the Robin and Ikarus tugs, K21 (HCX) was re-rigged.

As the day progressed so did the flying list with,  as ever, timing of flights determining  whether pilots were fortunate to find lift at the top of the winch launch. The wind did not change direction as forecast/anticipated but with limited strength the launch point was kept in the same position.
David Cowley converts to Junior (Mike Sloggett)
During the day David Cowley successfully completed his conversion to the Junior whilst various members renewed card ratings or simply maintained their flying currency whether on the winch or aerotow.

A relatively quiet but successful day all round, with the Club infrastructure returning back to normal. - Mike Sloggett