Sunday 2nd July

With an expected long line of Competition Enterprise gliders setting up on the launch grid first thing the small group of non-competing Club members hoping to fly, clearly needed to be patient around potential flights in Club gliders at some stage in the day.
Grid squatting (Mark Courtney)

In anticipation that there might be an opportunity to fly, a K21 and a Junior were brought out of the hangar and daily inspections completed - and then it was a question of being patient until all the Competition Enterprise gliders had launched.
Briefing (Mark Courtney)

Late morning the Competition Enterprise gliders started to launch and with 5 tug aircraft in operation, as well as most gliders managing to 'get away', by early afternoon all the competition gliders had been launched.
Gliders on the grid (Mike Sloggett)
And with the approval of the Grid Launch Marshal the K21 and Junior were brought on to the launch grid - with both gliders then in use throughout the afternoon and enabling all the Club members who wished to get in the air to do so.

Paul Summers (Cirrus 477) enjoyed a couple of hours local soaring whilst Pete Startup (Discus 230) completed...182Km
G-CDSC Rotax Falke ready to tow (Mark Courtney)

Guy Adams (Falke VG) did a flight around the local countryside and once it had completed it's tugging duties the Rotax Falke (SC) was taken off to the North Coast by Mark Courtney and Mike Sloggett. - Mike Sloggett