Wednesday 16th November

The forecast for today was for a strong westerly wind with low cloud to start with and rain arriving after 2:00pm.
Peter Smith who was standing in for John Sillett, started the ball rolling with a met flight closely followed by John Street and Mike Fitz who had a launch to 1,700ft, although the launch was high we were back on the ground in 8min with the constant sink everywhere.
The first few launches were uncomfortably rough, Matt Wright and Pete Startup dragged out the DG505 to show us how its done, but were no more successful, as the day progressed it got calmer and less rough and the ridge began to work.
Eric Alston rejoined us again after his two and half month exile in Turkey looking as brown as a Turk and feeling the change in temperature from the Meditteranean.
Eric and Robert launching at lunchtime (John Street)
Whilst the rest of the club went to lunch Eric in the DG505 and Robert Lee in the Junior spent the next hour on the ridge, Robert allegedly had the longest flight of the day and allegedly air braked down.
We welcomed Pat Wiseman a new member to the fold, and there was some lively discussions about the winches and new clubhouse.
It was a very interesting day and plenty of soaring for those lucky enough to fly at the right time, the rain that was forecast arrived about 3:30pm and we managed to get the kit away without getting too wet.  - John Street