Thursday 10th November

From the forecast we were expecting to have to wait for the weak cold front to clear so KEK was rigged and an early lunch was planned. 
So how many people helped rigging? (Mark Courtney)
There was strangely very little wind all morning  with the low cloud, which was a little unexpected, but we got going just after 2:00pm eventually with an increasing north westerly and clearing skies. The ridge worked well for most of the afternoon, with a couple of brief interludes with mass landings. It looked like a big rain shower was coming through reported at Cullompton, but it managed to slide past to the west of the airfield.
Clearing skies after the shower passed by (Jill Harmer)
Paul Little in Open Cirrus CEC takes the prize for the longest flight of over an hour and Dartmoor visitor Rich Roberts in his Discus also had a good flight. 15 flights in total with Malcolm Vest just missing out.