Wed 13th June

Not a brilliant forecast for Wednesday but we had reasonable start with difficult weather promised for afternoon, so we worked through the list as quickly as possible. 

All ready for the first flight (John Street)
There were two Mile High trial  lessons booked for the morning but patches of low cloud were threatening making the flights potentially unsafe so Tom, John Sillett, and Robert decided to delay the flight to see if the weather would improve, Tom entertained the visitors while waiting to see if the weather improved.

The weather front arrived at 12:00, which saw the Falke return with some haste so we decided to stop for an early lunch with a temporary clearance promised for the afternoon. 
Nigel Everett looking for thermals (John Street)
 It was flyable again after lunch, Tom managed to fly his first trial lesson visitor with two winch launches.
The weather improved a bit in the afternoon allowing several short soaring flights on the South ridge but the low cloud returned so we called it a day.

The Perkoz was re-rigged after its initial 50hr inspection, thanks to George sanderson for the speedy turnround and to all those who helped to rig it. - John Street.