Sun 3rd June

RASP didn't seem to have a grasp of the high cover that had invaded Devon during the morning, but training flights carried on regardless with our keen bunch of new members. 
North Hill once the sun had come out (Simon Minson)
The Pundits drank more tea and eventually decided to give it a go after lunch.... the top cover receded from the south and some tatty cumulus appeared at last locally which was working quite well. At the same time a swarm of Lashamites appeared having been able to start soaring in the east some hours earlier. 
Salisbury Cathedral (Wyn Davies)
Pete Startup 230, Ron and Dan 711, Wyn Davies W7 and John Pursey HOG  turned Salisbury for the Club 200. Local soaring continued into the early evening as the forecast switchoff never happened.
First checking out in the new Perkoz (Simon Minson)
After instructing all morning, Simon Minson took on his RE role checking out Tom Sides for BI rating. 

Thanks to everyone who helped run things during the day. - J&P