Mon 4th June - Course Week

Driving up the hill from Cullompton in the rain brought back memories of my (cancelled) course in April. However the forecast for the rest of the week was reasonable so hopes were high(ish).
New members Alex and John and existing members Simon, Jim, Mark and Andy all made our introductions and sat down for the course brief from instructors John and Guy. Serial helpers Tim, James and Robert got the ground kit out early and set up the LPV in the south west corner. James having arrived in style in his Jodel. 

Cumulus clouds were forming early on but thermals were broken and difficult to work in the strong north east wind. Most course members had 6 flights so good progress was made. 
Andy hogs  the Junior (library photo)
Andy (apparently) hogged the Junior (only 5 flights) and had a flight of just over 1 hour to 2300ft base.
33 launches total and some 6 hours flying.A great start to the week, let's hope it continues!
Sorry no photos, everybody busy flying ! - Andy Williams