Wed 2nd May

Due to the forecast of high winds and early heavy rain, this discouraged some of our Wednesday regulars but eventually we had enough to fly. After the overnight rain, it was decided that the field was too wet for winch launches so it was aerotow only.
John Street getting comfortable in Perkoz (Mark Courtney)
The wind was northwesterly 18-20kts and gusting, Mike Fitz & John Street were first away for a very testing and interesting launch. The sky looked very thermic with cloud streets and plenty of good looking thermals but all lift was very broken and hard to centre in because of the strong wind and very gusty conditions.

Mark Courtney was second away in the Perkoz and was soon putting our shiny new fleet addition through its paces.
As the day progressed the soaring conditions became easier with a cloud Base of over 3,000ft.
Eric Alston G29 and Pete Startup 230 were the only two private gliders to fly and both had good flights. Pete set a task into a 25kt headwind - Tiverton  Eaglescott...."Given the wind strength, direction and the fact we're on a peninsula this was the most bonkers task imaginable but I had a bad case of into wind-itis. EAG was never achievable - what was I thinking." - (But Pete spent a lot of time inspecting MUD from 1500ft  instead).
Rick Andrews in the Junior managed over two hours. 
Hangar Packing (John Street)
Thanks to Ian and Robert for tugging in the gusty conditions., we finished flying about 4:00pm due to a low tow rope break on the Pawnee which gave John Sillett and Malcolm Vest something to think about..... Unfortunately it was too late in the day to get flying again quickly as not everyone flew. - John Street.