Wed 23rd May

A very slow start with hazy sunshine and a strong Easterly wind, the Wednesday regulars stayed in the clubhouse to listen to the morning briefing by Ron Johns & Jill Harmer for the Task week that is in progress. The forecast for the day was not too exciting with maybe some soaring late in the afternoon.
Chris Warnes preparing to fly (John Street)
We started flying about 11:30 with very little in the way of lift, the task week pilots waited for the better conditions that might arrive later in the afternoon.
The better soaring conditions did arrive in the afternoon  (but later than expected) but the lift was broken and difficult to centre in.
Some of the Wednesday club members managed to soar, Andy Williams having the longest Club flight 34 minutes (this was Andy's longest solo flight for some 30 years). - John Street.

Task Week
The trigger temperature was finally reached in the middle of the afternoon, and the task week pilots lined up on both winch and aerotow to make an attempt at the now overset tasks.

Chairman Nick being encouraging in the blue (Ray Dodd)
It proved tricky to get away from the winch but aerotows faired better. Sniffer Phil Morrison and Peter Smith in DD3 reported that there was some possible weak wave to the north, but they headed off to look for Peter's house. Ron and Ray in 711 and Pete Startup in 230 also managed some climbs up the front of the clouds and explored further. Everyone else stayed very local, just pleased to get airborne. -J&P