Mon 14th May - Course Week

Monday started clear and bright; the first day of our week long gliding course with 5 current members and Nick Bromley new to the club, welcome Nick. The helpers for the day Richard Harris, Hans Jenssen and Robert Lee had the kit out and ready for us by the time we arrived. We then helped get the gliders out of the hanger before retiring to the Clubhouse for tea and a briefing. 
Blue thermals (Mike Sloggett)
 The forecast was for a strong inversion at just over 1000ft. How wrong a forecast can be with one of the early flights initially climbing to 2500ft and then to 2950ft in some nice tight blue thermals.  Dave Cowley and Andy Davey were flying the Junior and both had good soaring flights. 

This left Rob Rand, Michael Fawcett, Mark Worsford and Nick Bromley  flying the two K21s with Mike Sloggett and Pete Smith instructing. Their flying consisted of some good soaring and a fare few simulated launch failures.  All in all, a very good days flying with a total of 27 launches. A big thanks to everyone for making day one such a success. - Andy Davey (first time blogger)