Wed 25th April

Because of the forecast the usual number of Wednesday members was reduced and the weather at the club did not show much promise to start with, but we decided to make a start and the two K21s were readied for flying. We had problems with the winch communications, so we decided to aerotow only. The first couple of launches were very rough but the thermals were strong and it was reasonably easy to stay up if you managed to avoid the many showers.  We tried to do as many flights before 1:00pm because the weather was due to get worse in the afternoon.
Avoiding the storms (John Street)
But the weather hadn't seen the weather forecast because conditions steadily improved during the afternoon, Pete Startup  230 was the only private glider to rig and duly disappeared all afternoon.
Robert earned his gold 'c' in Tractor driving with an all day stint on the new mower at grass cutting. William Pope and Tim Petty changed the cables on the Skylaunch winch in Ĺ•eadiness for the Open Day on Saturday.
Good cloud streets and thermals (John Street)

Pete Warren was tuggie all day and had some quite interesting aerotows, everyone flew and all had good soaring flights, what started as a difficult day ended up very rewarding.
Many thanks to Peter Field for standing in for John Sillett. - John Street.