Wed 18th April - Long Mynd

The day dawned (well we think it did) under a very grey sky with the wind still blowing around the eaves of the Clubhouse. The weather had been forecast to brighten up as the day unfolded and the local Midland GC members were all confident that there would be some flying later in the day, it was just a question of when. With reports coming in from all parts of the South that the sun was shining brightly and with satellite photos confirming that the cloud was moving away to the North it was agreed that patience, as ever an essential attribute for all glider pilots, was needed. So there was only one thing to do and that was to complete the first visit for the week to Ginger and Green Coffee Shop in Church Stretton. As the group returned up the steep hill to the site it was evident that the weather was not improving as quickly as hoped but the decision was made to rig the single seat gliders and unpack the hangar.

It turned out nice after all (Mike Sloggett)
With an early lunch called and the daily briefing completed the launch point was set up and the Midland GC K21 and K13 taken across to launch and assess the conditions which looked “interesting” in the freshening South Easterly wind. With evident thermal activity albeit not particularly consistent the DG505 was also taken across together with DG100 (LRN). Both DSGC gliders took the opportunity to launch and found that whilst there were some thermals around they were not particularly strong and ragged. With the wind direction and strength continuing to be “interesting” the decision was made to not launch again but to put the gliders to bed for the night. Meanwhile some of our group went off to fly some models. In the evening a large group of DSGC and Midland GC members went down to Church Stretton for the traditional “Wednesday
night out”. Optimism continues for some better flying weather tomorrow and Friday. - Mike Sloggett