Thurs 19th April - Long Mynd

There was some confusion as we all woke up in the morning, caused by an abundance of blue sky and a bright orb which caused certain members of our group to put out their shorts in anticipation of a hot day. The weather forecast was good, almost too good with suggestion of possible thermals but unlikely to be marked by fluffy white clouds. As the hangar was unpacked then so were the shorts following which several other DSGC pilots had to go and lie down to recover from the sight of the legs on display.

The Club was busy with local pilots rigging a wide variety of gliders keen to make use of the pleasant, if unspectacular weather, to regain some currency after the poor weather of recent weeks. Some of the DSGC group took their gliders across to the launch point with a view to ‘timing’ their take offs to make the most of the potential lift as and when it might arrive. Highlight of the day was David Cowley converting to the K23.
David Cowley solo in K23 (Mike Sloggett)
However it was evident from the first launch that the day was going to be hot and limiting in terms of thermal activity. Some launches ended up with simple circuits, some with extended circuits and the odd one or two managed to ‘hang around’ in broken blue thermals for a while - unfortunately the conditions did not quite become as hoped for and the fact that the longest flight of the day was just over an hour tells the story. Some of the DSGC model flyers went off to have fun on the faraway slopes the other side of the valley from the Mynd and funnily enough ended up having a cream tea too. Rumours of an ‘active discussion’ around whether it is jam or cream first on the scone have yet to be proved.
The famous Mynd sunset (Mike Sloggett)
The evening ended with the famous steak night meal with suitable discussion between DSGC and Midland GC members as to whether Friday would provide any better soaring to end the week.

 In fact Friday dawned in a pretty uninspiring way and by late morning the decision was made by most of the group to derig and return to North Hill. As ever a big Thank You to Midland GC members for their welcome and help during our visit.  - Mike Sloggett