Thurs 12th April

The first course week this year started with the continuing rainy theme, and after two days of lectures and a forecast of yet more rain or low cloud for the rest of the week, a decision was made to cancel the remaining course days and reschedule the course if possible. The field was completely waterlogged on Wednesday, and the expectation for any flying on Thursday was not great. 

However, with a drying wind and no more rain, the Thursday crew were amazed to find that most of the field had drained quite well. There were several pitch inspections during the morning whilst the low cloud hung over the field and after an early lunch, the glimmer of sunshine tempted the two K21s and Pawnee to the west end of the field.
Daniel and Rob Hender with KEK in new DSGC  livery (Jill Harmer)

As if by magic, the sun managed to break up the cloud all over the airfield, but during the first aerotow, some cloud started to reform to the east. As the second flight landed, the easterly wind picked up significantly and the wave slots were rapidly filling in. A pause in proceedings was called to see if the sky would open up again, but the haze and low cloud did not look promising and the gliders were walked back down the field. It was good to see the sun again - albeit briefly! - J&P