Sat 21st April

At last a Saturday that had a forecast of something other than low cloud or constant rain. With a a lot of people eager to get current again, the hanger emptying process was completed in good time by the many, with Ian Hunt as Duty Marshall doing a sterling job, so that by the time the duty instructor turned up the field was almost ready to go. Lack of currency extended into the instructor cadre so with John P on duty and working on the list, CFI Stuart set about clearing first Rowan then Matt so that all the two-seat gliders could be used. 
Sky hinting at what was to come (JP)
Despite the almost absence of wind on the ground, the fact that it was a SE and a curious smoothness to the burgeoning stratus prompted thoughts of wave prior to launching and so it was the first flight of the day saw a disappointingly low launch dropped Alan Turner into a steady 1 - 2 up in a line running out from the club to Broadhembury. This really set the tone for the day with curiously good wave given the modest wind speed present for most of the day. 
Sky starting to look threatening (JP)
Play was interrupted for an hour late morning by a band of rain that sprung from the stratus but with brightening skies the team were soon out and launching again. Initially the wave seemed to have stopped but with successive launches it became obvious that it was re-establishing itself. Whilst mainly blue, the sky post rain showed evidence of alto cumulus and other mid level clouds often associated with thundery weather. Despite a pause for a cable break, the flying list did get attacked by JP and Rowan Smith with Reuben Buss getting cleared solo in time for him to have his first stint as a Duty Marshall. 

With effectively a cross wind all day, launches were never particularly high but with a little effort most could slide into the wave which whilst not going particularly high was fairly solid low down.
Looks like Summer (Dave Herbert)
DSGC young member Daniel Hendey was rewarded for his accurate flying by taking KEK to 2,000ft and the sight of the DG505 slipping alongside in formation with a smiling and waving trial lesson crew (Matt Williamson and Arthur Hayhoe). James Flory  took on the pm duty and improved his fitness with endless simulated launch failure walks back to the launch point. 

As the day wore on, the clouds around became rather more sinister and in the distance thunder could be heard. Last flights revealed more challenging conditions with rough approaches and a wind that round to the west. The last hurrah in the wave saw 2,500ft before it all broke down and become very turbulent. With gliders being walked back to the hanger, the electrical storm started flashing both to the west and east. 
Interesting cloud formations before the thunderstorms started (JP)
The hanger packing was made more interesting by a new addition - the Perkoz! Resplendent with its tips on, the Perkoz had been rigged during the afternoon and now with two big span gliders to stow in the hanger, the challenge was on to come up with a new layout. With some thought and a few squeaks, a sensible and symmetrical arrangement was hit upon which looks to work well. 
New hangar layout (JB)
 With the beer fridge opened and the sky entertaining with lightening and funky cloud shapes it was a great end to a day that hopefully marks the start of a proper summer... - JP