Denbigh Tuesday 17th April

We woke this morning to lots of rain with lots to come, so although the Lleweni manager Chris predicted wave late in the day, we decided it was looking good for a day out to the Great Orme and view the scene of the epic flights by Arcus EW and DG1000M SOR yesterday. On the way Nick Jones wanted to introduce himself to the crew of the RNLI Llandudno lifeboat in a 'I designed and built this' moment which resulted in a warm welcome and a personalised tour of the new boat, launching platform (Nicks and Supacats bit), and building with the boat's engineer Les. Wyn was like a kid with the latest version of a Playstation game sitting in the helmsmans seat and playing with the touch screen controls. Many thanks to the Llandudno lifeboat crew.

Nick studies his handywork on the Llandudno lifeboat
 On arrival back at Lleweni we awaited the arrival of Phil with JB's glider while struggling with the daily decision of which pub to go to. Meanwhile a couple of gliders took late launches and had some fun in Chris's predicted wave, Chris himself climbing to over 19,000' - top effort.

Tomorrow's weather shows some soaring potential although the thought of launching and landing in the forecast brisk 90 degree crosswind again are not a great prospect - character building stuff, we'll see.....