Denbigh Saturday14th April

Excited by the prospect of the best conditions in the UK the North Hill Nomads plus others from Nympsfield, Eden soaring and a smattering of others were all rigged and gridded early. Then we waited and we waited. Eventually somebody took a launch and stayed airborne(just) which resulted in the usual frenzied grid rush. The aerotow behind the Eurofox TURBO G-FLAX was excellent.

The conditions sadly didn't quite live up to expectations the lift being scrappy and unreliable. Still, some enjoyable soaring was had by all with forays into the foothills being made until the rising ground and diminishing lift resulted in much scuttling back to the Denbigh area for another try.

DD3 with the Guv'nor Nick and JB managed a trip out over the sea, W7, KMV and 230 just managed.

Pics courtesy of DD3 crew. Sunday was naff so we went walking up to the Jubilee tower on Moel Famau, part of the Offahs Dyke trail - puff, wheeze, puff, wheeze, beer.