Wednesday 7th March

The Beast from the East has moved to the north leaving us with ideal soaring weather, still a little cold but compared with last week almost tropical! Still some snow around to remind us of last week.

Diggin' before riggin'!
 The flying got off to a good start with Mike Fitz and John Street first in the air in the K21, followed by Robert Lee in a Junior-  both having good soaring flights, the good conditions lasted all day with everyone having a good soaring flight. There were a lot of storms about in the local area, but they all just about missed us, ahead of the storms, there was very strong lift with climbs to 3,000ft.
The storms missed us - just! (John Street)
Eric Alston G29, Pete Startup 230 and Tim Johns 877 flew their own gliders, Eric airbraking it down after 99min needing a cup of tea. Our friends from Brentor were with us again, they all had some good flying, and with the tug on its annual there were no Trial lessons.
Mike Sloggett with a Brentor visitor (John Street)
Considering the weather we have had lately, the field was surprisingly dry and with a similarly good forecast for Thursday - let's hope this winter is now behind us. - John Street.