Wed 21st March

First thing there was still a lot of snow about but it had started to thaw, we had a Clubhouse full of hopefuls hoping to fly. After several field inspections, including John Street walking the length of the cable run, and much discussion, it was decided to fly,  but not before some members had decided to call it a day and go home.
Plenty of thermals around (John Street)
We were ready to fly at about 12:00 noon, and from the first flight it was soarable John Sillett was first in the air followed by Glenn Turpin in the DG505. This prompted Pete Startup (who else) to rig 230, the only private owner, as  Eric had decided not to rig, - I expect he regretted  it later.
Plenty of snowdrifts still (John Street)
The wind was north westerly, so there was a bit of ridge lift, but it was not needed because there were plenty of thermals, several flights climbed to over 3,000ft with flights of over 1hr logged. Pete Startup managed a local bimble around 100kms in 2hrs 30mins having dug his trailer out of the snowdrifts for the second time in 2 weeks.

Deja Vu!
What started as a bit of a doubtful day ended up very worthwhile. - John Street.