Tues 27th March - NHL Nomads

Version 1) Trevor's latest Ridge running invitation was just what I needed and although the weather looked rather dubious we had faith in our Master and the North Hill Nomads headed for Nympsfield in the rain (as usual). 

I decided to just do the short run north to BCL a couple of times and took my time and enjoyed the view. We were rewarded with weak wave and some wave assisted thermals which made it a very enjoyable afternoon. 

Thanks Trevor for your guidance and especially to Jordon Richards who helped us all rig, de-rig and drag Pete out of a very slimy field at the bottom of the ridge! - JB

Version 2) A call from Trevor saw 230, JB and DD3 heading North for the Nympsfield ridges. When the rain eventually stopped we enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours going up and down to BCL. 

On the last leg I got stuck in the bowl at Harescombe hoping to climb that extra bit but it had gone a bit soft and wasn't happening. Still thought I might make the Nympsfield home ridge with the tailwind and height I had but as I got closer it just wasn't looking sensible, so went 'au vache'.
230 au vache (Pete Startup)
 Many thanks to those who helped me carry 230 out of the slimefield including Jordan and Steve E from NYM.
Failure to pay attention meant I stopped short of the finish line by 400 yards - b.......r.
Now, where's that pressure washer! - Pete