Thursday 22nd February

Another cold day was forecast, with an uncertain amount of cloud with the light easterly wind. The Thursday regulars arrived early with the prospect of winching again after weeks of rain and aerotow-only days. There was a slight hesitation over which side of the field to launch from with quite a bit of shear between ground and launch height, and a delay with some low cloud. The sun came out at 11:00 and flying started.

K13 with some crepuscular rays (Mark Courtney)
With so many currency checks and simulated launch failures, the launch rate was fairly slow. Several flights found some lift under the streets or was there some wave? and managed 20mins ish.

Mainly cloudy skies over North Hill (Mike Sloggett)
Steve Westlake had some flights with Mark Courtney in DG505 and resoloed after a long break.
Steve back in the saddle (Mark Courtney)
Late in the afternoon, it became noticeably cooler, and the clouds melted away for some late sunshine. 
North Hill sunset (Wyn Davies)
 It was a good day with 34 launches and the flying list completed. Thanks to everyone for enduring the cold (but it is going to get colder...)  - J&P