Thursday 1st February

With yet more rain at North Hill overnight, the pitch inspection suggested that winching was not advisable, so with gorgeous blue skies (for a change) and a rather chilly breeze developing, the kit was readied for an aerotow day.
Ready for an aerotow (Jill Harmer)
But there was just one more small consideration - the wind was from the north and it wasn't long before the windsock was fluctuating between horizontal and fairly limp. It was such a nice clear blue sky that we felt we had to try the conditions. 

Mark Courtney lined up the Pawnee in front of the Junior with Aston Key and the aerotow was off. Mark landed the tug back across the field, and taxied back to the launchpoint.  Aston landed  the Junior after 15 minutes. 
Windsock horizontal crosswind and rotor clouds (Jill Harmer)

The general consensus was that it was just too rough with rotor all over the field, so after a period of 'waiting to see' and drinking tea, and rechecking that the forecast hadn't improved, the kit was returned to the hangar.  - Better safe than sorry - we'll try again next week! - J&P