Thursday 25th January

One generally expects to have ‘pitch inspections’ with sports such as football, cricket and rugby, amongst others, but with several days of rain it was no surprise that the airfield needed looking at carefully before a decision could be made whether gliding could take place today. Generally the airfield had, as ever, drained well with some large areas of the airfield holding up well but similarly with other areas just a tad ‘squidgy’.

So, after suitable discussion it was decided to have an aerotow only day (apologies to the Club Treasurer for the reduced price aerotows as a result) and both Juniors, K21 and DG505 were brought out of the hangar with the launch point carefully set up in the North East corner of the airfield to allow the best run for takeoffs behind the Pawnee.
Clear sky (Mike Sloggett)
And then it was a question of taking the opportunity to fly in the bright gaps between rain showers with several flights finding some weak wave to the South West of the airfield and also some weak thermals ‘here and there’.
Storms approaching (Mark Courtney)
Unfortunately the day’s flying was interrupted on several occasions by rain showers which meant that whilst 6 solo and 6 dual aerotows were completed during the day a number of members did not fly - as ever thank you to everyone for the excellent teamwork today but particularly to those members who helped others to get into the air but did not fly themselves... - Mike Sloggett