Sunday 3rd December

Not many members at the club today. Low and dark clouds at first but with indications that it may brighten up. Pete Stapleton arrived from Newquay in his Cessna to do his Tug Duty so it only seemed right that Ron decided it was aerotow only.

A moderate north wind produced rotor low down on the ridge but this gave way to smoother air above. Dave Cowley and Ron Johns took the first launch and released north of Blackborough. Andrew Logan took advantage of the day in FZF for a pleasant aerotow (unfortunately not high enough to qualify for the special winter refresher package. He released  further north abeam Uffculme and stayed for a time in wave. The K21 returning to base, Andrew would have liked to stay for longer enjoying the skyscape above the clouds but the hole started to fill in.
Andrew Logan in the Junior enjoying a wave slot.(Andrew Logan)
There were two other flights but the deteriorating weather meant that everything was put away in time for lunch. - Andrew Logan