Saturday 9th December

The day before the storm was calm, cloudy and cold, and Junior members Reuben, Josh and Ellie were keen to get some more solos in the K6 DRE, while Ross was consolidating his recent solo in K21. Alan Turner hogged the Junior, and DG505 was used for mutual flying and a Spanish visitor. 
Tuggie Pete Harmer from DG505 (Lisa Humphries)
New quarterly members Harry and Mike Rigby arrived and decided to get some extra sticktime by having aerotows.  
Ellie in her 64year old friend (Neil Carter)
Well done to Ellie who completed her 50th solo flight just over 1 year from her first. -  A perfect winter's day for early solo flying -27 flights in total.  Thanks to Cheryl for decorating the Christmas tree and making the Clubhouse look festive- J&P