Saturday 16th December

The day started slowly, as most people arrived at 9:00 with a few (Alan Turner) who got all the ground kit out ready for a good day of ridge running. 
North Hill Airfield looking serene with a winter sky........ (Simon Leeson)
Martin Woolner opened the hanger eager to fly; even whispering about rigging his own glider. The flying list continued to grow throughout the morning as the launch point was set up and a few circuits of minimal sink were enjoyed in the K21, DG 505, Junior and K6, while the other Junior was thrown around for a very brief while off an aerotow. 
....and long shadows (Simon Leeson)

A Mile High trial lesson was completed and all the members of the extended family were very positive about the experience. 
As the morning was ending the ridge started bubbling and allowed those both skilful and redcard holding pilots to stay up. 
Lisa spent the morning driving retrieve (Lisa Humphries)

The longest flight being Pete Startup in the Junior with an hour… (should have rigged 230). Oscar Leeson and Reuben Buss making the most of soaring the K6 on the ridge, and Ross Pratt with his first solo ridge running in the K21.
K6 keeping the Juniors happy (Simon Leeson)

Unfortunately, the calm, sunny weather didn’t last, with brief rain showers from 2:00pm, resulted in packing all the gliders away around 3:00pm. 

A great day for all who flew with 32 flights in total - 28 winch launches and 4 aerotows - Reuben Buss