Sunday 12th November

After Saturday's washout, at the start of Sunday the Instructors in the Clubhouse outnumbered all the other members present and with a fresh Northerly wind, albeit against a bright blue sky, there was suitable pause for thought re the potential benefit in the gliders and ground equipment being taken out on to the airfield.
As a few more members arrived, and with several layers of clothing being put on, fortified by teas, coffees and in some cases breakfast, the decision was made to get both K21s out of the hangar with the winch being put in the North West corner of the airfield.
However as the gliders were being walked up to the launchpoint it became increasingly evident that the wind was continuing to freshen and in particular that the gusts were becoming 'sharper and stronger'.
A rather gusty crosswind (Mike Sloggett)
And no sooner had the gliders been parked then the next decision was to put everything away.
Models and chit chat (Mark Courtney)
With a return to the Clubhouse completed just before some rain arrived, and with the wind "blowing" in and amongst the rafters, it was agreed all round that the right decision had been made - as ever much better to say 'It would have been nice to have flown" rather than "It would have been better not to have flown". - Mike Sloggett