Tuesday 17th October - Denbigh

After the violent winds on Monday from ex-Hurricane Ophelia, Tuesday was forecast to be a good day at Lleweni Parc, with a southwesterly breeze. 
Most were rigged before briefing and ready to go (Wyn Davies)
The ridge was working well although there was a small shower of rain to start with at the south end and the thermals were bumping in to the airspace above.
Denbigh (Jill Harmer)

Soon there were calls of finding wave in the Conwy valley, and some made the transition and some didn't manage to find it as the sky was very confused with large dark streets and small wispies, but nothing looking like wave in fact it was blue wave, and no consistent formation visible from above either. 
New wood carving inspired by words from Justin Wills "Those who fly with the Eagles should not consort with the Owls"
 Pete Startup 230 achieved two laps of the 140km ridge task, and Tom Sides DG1 completed his first Denbigh run of 140Kms. John Pursey HOG and Wyn Davies W7 transitioned into the wave - both getting above 10,000ft and Wyn explored Great Orme.  Phil Morrison and Nick Jones DD3 and Pete and Jill Harmer OL explored the ridge, thermals and the streets but couldn't find the high stuff. 
JP in wave  (John Pursey)

With the weather turning again (and not for the better) we all packed up and headed home, thanks to Chris Gill and Rod Witter for the great hospitality as usual.- J&P